Monday, August 23, 2010

In a fog

Cotton candy in the mountains, 8/21/10
This is what the landscape looks like most mornings here in the Middle of Nowhere. I love how the clouds kind of settle in in front of the mountains.

This morning, the fog is as thick as pea soup, how's that for an unimaginative comparison? I can barely make out the woods a hundred yards behind our house.

The fog in my head is equally thick. I've somehow picked up a summer cold, I guess. I've been taking antibiotics for a sinus infection, and they've helped that issue, but I now have a hacking cough and wheezing in my chest and it hurts, people, it hurts! I just hope none of the children who visited us this weekend were infected. I really didn't start coughing until after they left, which means it was incubating while they were here. Grrr.

The children belong to my husband's son and his wife – three two-year-old boys and their five-week-old sister. They have traveling down to a science, I don't know if I'd be brave enough to try it. All went well, the boys are delightful and the baby is adorable.

In case I ever wondered, God had a good plan when he made women my age infertile. I do believe if I had a young child now it would have to raise itself. I'd be passed out on the couch after a couple of hours!

Our evening meal Saturday was nearly all from the garden; the meat and eggs came from nearby sources and everyone ate heartily and appreciatively. They went home with a box of jelly, jam and pickles; a bag of tomatoes and three spaghetti squash. We couldn't fit a cushaw into the car. Imagine that! Four children, two adults and enough gear for a battalion and we couldn't find room for a 20-pound squash. Heh.

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