Monday, August 30, 2010

So where was I?

Oh, right, on the couch, hacking my lungs out.

I'm feeling better, but still got a lot of couch time over the weekend. The cough just won't go away. I don't have time to be sick any more, can I just will this thing away?

Remember when I said my dad and his wife would be here in 17 days? Well, knock 10 days off – they've changed their travel plans and will be here sooner rather than later. Which is great for us, the sooner we can see him the better. But I'm not sure I care much for the reason he wants to get back to Florida – he's having some breathing problems and his legs are bothering him a lot. He needs to see his doctor.

Please let the breathing problems have more to do with the difference in climate between Florida and Ohio. Please let his leg problems be something that can be fixed. (There's been talk of replacing his knee replacements, a difficult procedure with a long recovery period, but still – fixable.)

Anyhoo … it's time to make a long to-do list and start systematically checking things off. Things like mowing, tidying up the garden, cleaning the guest room/guest bathroom (not to mention the rest of the house!), figuring out menus for the week they'll be here … I'm amazingly calm about the amount of work that needs to fit into the amount of time available.

I guess I've learned – finally – that it all gets done, eventually. And that no one is going to think less of me if there's a cobweb in the corner.

’Specially my dad. Heh.

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