Monday, December 6, 2010

And now for the real Monday morning post

I'm afraid my December goals may have to be downsized. I'm not saying they will for sure, as I may – depending on the weather – be able to make up my lost mileage later in the month. But so far it's not looking good.

Well, actually, it is looking good outside. Very pretty, see what I mean? But very difficult to walk in, impossible to run in and geez Louise is it ever COLD!

I'm going to try doing some running on the treadmill today. It still stops suddenly after 20 minutes or so, meaning I can do one mile and part of a second. I'm not quite up to a 10-minute mile yet, although that's not as hard to do on the treadmill as it is outside.

What I need to do is quit worrying about it. As the young folks say, "It is what it is." As long as I do something every day, other than sit on my ass, I should be okay.

We're under a Winter Weather Advisory until tomorrow evening. I don't think we'll get much more snow, but it's supposed to stay windy and cold. The wind drove me back yesterday; I'd planned to do five miles but had to turn around at the 1.5-mile mark. I just couldn't fight it any more.

Last week's total was 27-plus. Total running was 4.5. I'm still on track for the 135 total miles if I can manage 4.5 miles/day. I guess I'm actually still on track for 35 running miles, too, if I can do 1.5/day on the treadmill. Calculators are wonderful things. One and a half indoor miles plus three outdoor miles will allow me to just make it. Of course, there's no wiggle room, and we'll be traveling the weekend before Christmas.

Okay, back to "it is what it is." Heh.

The cookie-baking has begun. I'm giving most of them away but have run out of storage containers already. Will remedy that today, if I can get out of the driveway and down the hill. What I don't put in the freezer I leave on the counter for my husband to nibble on. Yesterday's spritz? Gone!

(By the way, whoever came up with the idea of dipping half a cookie in white chocolate and adding sprinkles was a genius! So easy. And so pretty, don't you think?)

Two pretty amazing things are happening as I'm baking:
  • If I nibble, either the dough or a baked cookie, I write it down.
  • I'm not nibbling nearly as much as I have in previous years.

I'm also not baking the quantity I have in previous years, so maybe since I know it's all going to be distributed, I want to have as much as possible to give away. So generous of me! Heh.

I'd offer to send some to you, but since this is a weight-loss blog, I'm thinking you probably don't need them any more than I do! The fun is in the baking and decorating, not the eating. Right?

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Jane said...

You said something wise: "What I need to do is to quit worrying about it." We take on way too much baggage. We also have to change once in a while, because it's not wise to continue on a path that's not working in some way. It sounds like you're working hard at this. Have a great week!