Thursday, December 9, 2010

Every picture tells a story

Okay, first things first: I'm nearly healed. It's hard to imagine that a fall like mine can send some folks to the Emergency Department – or worse – and here I am with only a teensy bit of residual soreness in my neck and a scrape on my elbow. I must come from sturdy stock. Really, I wish I could milk this injury a little bit longer. I haven't had to lift anything heavier than the coffeepot all week! Heh. But, alas, there are Things To Be Done and I'm the one to do them.

So some of you don't know what buckeyes are? Mmmmm, I wish I could send you some. You'll have to be satisfied with a virtual batch. They're as easy as pie to make, but they do take a little time. You combine peanut butter, butter, vanilla and powdered sugar, roll it into little balls, dip the balls partway into melted chocolate and they look like the useless nut Ohio (the Buckeye State) was named for.

Next, I've been working on a very cool project for my teen-aged granddaughter. I saw a photo of a CD calendar last year and have been saving the idea all year long. She is a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres, so each page of the calendar has an Ellen quote. I played with Photoshop brushes to do the backgrounds for each page. I love this! If you're a fan of Ellen and would like a .pdf of the project to print and assemble for your very own, let me know. I can upload it the same way I did the Wee Santa Hat. Here's a website that explains how to manipulate a CD case to hold the pages.

Last photo for today: Dinner! So healthy – meat loaf made from grass-fed beef, mixed greens sprinkled with vinegar and baked squash (which looks much better in person than it does in a BlackBerry photo – it's a bright orange, full of beta carotene, I'm sure!). So yummy. After a couple days of crap eating, it felt great to have a healthy meal.

If it warms up enough today, I'm heading out for a walk. "Enough" means the ice has to be melted off the driveway. Tomorrow might be more likely. It's 9° right now (7:15 a.m.), but supposed to hit the 40s tomorrow! Hope you have a great day.


denise said...

The buckeyes look wonderful! I was thinking my grandmother used to put a few rice krispies in her's for a little crunch - but I could be remembering that wrong. They're good whether crunchy or smooth!

So good to hear that you're healing - even if it does take away a few excuses.

Anne M. said...

Thanks for the buckeye pics - not at all what I had envisioned all on my own :)