Monday, December 27, 2010

'Tis a bit windy

The lid from the recycling trash can we keep on the porch is nestled in a two-foot snowdrift, and my favorite harvesting basket is gone with the wind.

I paid scant attention to the weather advisories I kept getting over the weekend. I'm signed up for Weather Channel alerts, and I bet they've sent at least half a dozen daily since last Thursday. It's kind of like the little boy who cried wolf.

Well, the wolf showed up early this morning, waking me at 2:30-ish with its whistling and howling. I *thought* I heard the snow shovel skittering down the driveway, but it must have been my half-bushel basket.

It's an excellent day to stay indoors. We'll play Scrabble, I'll knit and cook, my husband is rereading _Truman_ and, eventually, winter will be over.

One day at a time.

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Elora said...

Milking the cow this a.m. was not fun! Temperature here was 18 degrees, and the wind was having its way with both the snow, and us! Fingers chilled to the bone and even Marigold was shivering. Plus she was in a snotty mood, as well. We've run out of squash and she is on grain-only for her "treat" and when she eats it all, she stomps and bangs her horns against the gate! A real temper tantrum to witness. Bad part is she tries to kick me off milking her. I have a few names for her...unprintable here! Anyhow, sorry about your wind-tossed basket somewhere out here. I think you're getting more wind than we are! Have a good scrabbly day!


Elora said...

PS--If I see your basket sail by, I'll call you! :-))