Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's almost as good as 01-01-01

1-1-11! Happy New Year! I'll be taking a walk, watching football, knitting (that second sock still isn't finished!) and making and eating Hoppin' John.

I've heard an old wives' tale that what you do on the first day of the year is what you'll do all year, so I'm definitely not going to be mopping my ever-dirty-in-this-weather floor. So there. Heh.


altopower said...

I'm putting away Christmas, weeding out as I go, and heading off to the gym (me and eleventy million other people who resolved to exercise more in 2011). I'm not resolving anything, just continuing with current practice :)

Happy New Year!

Elora said...

Did my walk this a.m. Slogged out to the east field fence and back. Now am making turkey soup.

I rather like the ring of 1/1/11. We'll see how 11/11/11 works out...!I think the driveway will be good tomorrow if we don't get a, let's look to the first good day here!

denise said...

uh oh - should have read this earlier. I spent a lazy, rainy day on 1/1 just watching TV - watched 9 straight hours on the new Oprah network :-) and generally doing nothing. Did nothing productive except put sauerkraut in the crockpot and then eat it 8 hours later.

Sure hope that doesn't set the tone for the whole year. I was counting on 2011 being a vast improvement over 2010!