Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Peas, please!

Despite the grey, cool weather we're not enjoying this week, I'm getting ready for spring. I cleaned the shelves I used last year for all my seedlings to grow on and brought them in the house, near the south-facing sliding glass door where they'll get filtered sunlight most of the day.

Well, if the sun ever comes out again, anyway.

I also planted peas.

According to the WVU Extension Office calendar, I could have put them in the ground last week, but I was too busy then. Yesterday felt just right. I slipped on my garden clogs and gloves, grabbed a hoe, a rake and the seeds (left over from last year), and went to work.

It felt good. I finished planting a short row, replaced the straw over the two rows of garlic and felt like a farmer again. Heh.

I have lots of seeds left from last year, and from everything I've read they should be viable for several years. I haven't even decided what I need to order to fill in the gaps. I probably have enough squash in the freezer that I won't have to grow any this year, but I probably will, just because they're so easy and beautiful. I'll definitely grow some Jack O'Lanterns for the grandchildren to carve.

And speaking of grandchildren, my oldest grandson asked for a pair of fingerless gloves, which I finished last night. They're ready to mail, and I know he won't wear them much until next winter, but I like to fulfill their requests for handknits. Who knows how much longer he'll want to wear anything I make for him? He saw a movie character wearing a pair and thought they looked cool, so maybe he'll get some use out of them.

Nothing in the knitting queue right now. I saw a very cool scarf I thought I might make for my oldest granddaughter, but I need to check with her first. I'm not much of a scarf knitter, but this one certainly has a dramatic flair, and it might be just the right amount of style and panache to suit her. She's her own person, doesn't follow the crowd and thinks little of trendy fashion, though. One never knows with teen-aged girls.

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denise said...

Bet she'll like that scarf - especially since it was seen in a movie!

I like the look as well, but my practical side says it might catch on things really easily.