Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Quote Day

When you feel like giving up,
remember why you held on
for so long in the first place.
Author Unknown

I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel like giving up sometimes. Just about anyone who eats reasonable amounts of healthful food and walks five miles a day would be losing some weight, right?

Anyone but me, apparently.

My longterm goals – being able to keep up with the grandchildren, living a long life, avoiding and/or preventing the debilitating diseases (especially, but not limited to, diabetes) attributed to obesity – have kept me going so far. I'd also like to fit into the closet full of clothes that I'm loathe to give away. Yet.

After all this time, it's become a habit – one I don't want to break – to take that walk every day. I missed it terribly when the water was down for a few days and I didn't want to sweat. I love to cook, and it just makes sense to me to cook the most healthful meals possible.

Both my parents' deaths can be traced to poor diet and obesity. Simple as that. I've already outlived my mother, who was ill four years before she died.

I have another reason I need to lose weight, a new one, something I can't talk about yet. I'll know more next week, and I'll be writing about it, because just as that daily walk makes me feel better, so does blogging. I've taken short blog breaks in the past, usually when I'm out of town, but occasionally because I just get tired of doing it. I always come back, though, because it helps me get things off my mind.

I hope both of you have a great weekend. I plan to. Spring really does seem like more of a possibility than a tease lately, and I think I'll do some of the pruning and raking that I didn't get done last fall. I need to give my perennials room to grow!

And whether it helps me lose weight or not, I'll be taking a couple long walks.


gingersnapper said...

I'm glad you mentioned your longterm goals, because that is every bit as important as the WL goal. That's what I mean when I say I won't ever go back - my weight seems not to be under my direct control, but I will always continue to eat right and be active. That's contributed to a hugely improved quality of life.

I can't wait to hear about this secret reason to lose weight! You're not pregnant, are you?

denise said...

I wish I could turn my attitude around to match yours! You're always an inspiration to me - even though I don't always (hardly ever) act on the inspiration.

Hope you have a great weekend. Here in Hotlanta, we are expecting to see 80 degrees - yikes! - I'm not quite ready for that, but it should be a great weather weekend.