Monday, July 18, 2011

And the winner is …

Gingersnapper! As she commented, she's not a runner, but she plans to pass the book on to someone who is either training for or planning to train for a marathon, so I feel like the Universe worked this one out, as well.

Tomorrow I'll announce another book giveaway.

Had a part lazy, part busy weekend. The busy part was in the mornings: weeding the garden Saturday and going to church Sunday. The afternoons were totally lazy, I almost felt like I was back in school and felt justified in taking the weekend off. (Weekends were for housework when I was an employee.)

Weeding a garden can be so satisfying. I took advantage of the cool, overcast day and cleaned out all the weeds in the four rows of edamame, giving those little pods plenty of room to grow and ensuring they don't have to fight for any nutrients from the soil. Also got more than half of two empty rows, the former garlic and onion beds, done before I ran out of energy. I have more onions to plant.

In another half row that was fairly clean to start with, I planted some carrots. I have a few in another part of the garden, and they're doing well, but I'll want more.

We've been eating tomatoes and onions every day, and I pulled one of the cabbages for cole slaw Saturday. But the zucchini are still only tiny little things. The cabbages are doing great, I'm not sure how long I'll let them go before I make sauerkraut.

I wish more of the fall squash that I planted had come up. I didn't make a map, so I don't know what I've got out there, but it's not much. Five Jack-o-Lantern pumpkin plants are looking good. The rest is spaghetti squash and butternuts. I think I'll throw some more seeds in, there's plenty of time to grow squash.

How was your weekend?


gingersnapper said...

I'm so excited! I NEVER win anything. I mean really - at my previous job, I had three Christmases there, and at the office holiday party, they would do drawings for little gifts, and theoretically everyone was supposed to end up with a little something, and for three years I got NOTHING. Am I supposed to believe that's just random chance, or am I unlucky?

So perhaps my luck has changed.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had more tomatoes. The last few years have been bad for tomatoes in my area. Lucky you! Weeding is one of those almost immediate gratification things. I did about half of our garden earlier this year, and it loke dgreat. But things have dried up and the weeds hardly sprout. But what I really wanted to comment on - get those zucchini while they're tiny! They'll turn into baseball bats in no time!