Thursday, July 14, 2011

A small harvest

Future pesto.
I took the kitchen scissors with me to the herb bed this morning and ruthlessly snipped all the basil plants. My experience is that there will be more basil. Soon. Sooner than I need it, probably.

These aren't the very first tomatoes from the garden, but this is the most I've brought in at once. Most are cherry tomatoes, and will work well in the pasta salad I'm making for dinner. Angel hair pasta, broken into pieces, with pesto (see above), homemade mozzarella balls, sliced olives and garlic. Mmmm!

Keep those comments coming! And keep spreading the word. Thanks!


Mindy said...

There is nothing like the smell of fresh basil! We have only harvested a few small tomatoes so far but we're being buried in zuchinni and cucumbers!

denise said...

Looks fabulous and dinner sounds great. If it wasn't such a long drive to the middle of nowhere, I'd try to finese an invitation!

I used only one batch from my basil. It then appeared to flounder - I assume from either too much or too little water - or, as another friend suggested, because I wasn't pinching off the blooms fast enough. I cut it down to stubs in the hope that it will regenerate and grow again...but I might have been just a bit too ruthless in that endeavor. In any case, if it doesn't come back, I was more than pleased with getting any edible results from my first garden ever!

And, as Mindy says, the basil smelled amazing - even the wilted stuff in my trash can smelled great!

Thanks, Debbi, for all the inspiration. You are in large part responsible for my interest in gardening - a "sport" I never in a million years thought a "brown thumb" such as myself could succeed at!