Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Speaking of wild and wonderful …

It's raining cats and dogs! Or bobcats and foxes, maybe. We surely do need some rain, and this downpour reminds me of some we had in the spring, when the garden was flooded day after day after gee-I-sure-do-need-to-get-out-and-plant-something day.

I'm sooooo glad I spent yesterday morning weeding. I'd much rather my food soak up this rain than the weeds that were there just 24 hours ago. I spent four hours out there, either on my knees or with the tiller, making room for the pumpkins, discovering the first tiny eggplant and planting 50 Egyptian onions (with at least that many more to go!).

After days and days of saying, 'we surely do need some rain,' it's wonderful to see it.

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