Monday, September 26, 2011

C'mon, fall, hurry up!

The autumnal equinox has come and gone, but we had to run the AC last night for a little bit. It's not so much that it's hot, because 75° can't really be considered hot now, can it? It's just … stuffy. Especially in the bedroom.

Very creamy, but only one cup of milk. Yum!
To try to move things along a little, I've been making lots of soup. Last night we had a potato-dill soup I found on Epicurious, which I topped with bacon, cheese and sliced green onions. The recipe made six servings. I had one and a half, and my husband ate the rest. I think that's a pretty good recommendation; it's going on the fall-winter recipe rotation.

I had planned to take Saturday off from walking, but I ended up bagging the whole weekend. Two days of rest felt good to me. I'm not out there killing myself training for a marathon or anything, don't get me wrong. It would have been fine to get a walk in yesterday morning, but I felt a little under the weather and decided to respect those feelings, rather than push myself and maybe end up feeling worse. Good decision; I feel great this morning.

So, I watched a lot of football this weekend and finally – finally – divided for the neckline on the sweater project. Yay, me! I sure hope to finish it this fall, and with football season here and the baseball playoffs soon, it's quite likely I will.

How was your weekend? No regrets here, how about you? Did you kick back or live it up?

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D said...

yum! that soup looks like a must-try