Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Quote Day

You must be the change
you want to see in the world.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

I'm off to be an activist this weekend, or at least learn how to be a better one. And if that turns out to not be on the agenda, well, maybe I'll start a new conversation. Heh. I bet you'd never guess I could do that, right?

The West Virginia Federation of Democratic Women is holding its annual state convention this weekend, and I hope, hope, hope it's not a weekend of preaching to the choir.

As y'all know, I'm on Facebook. The pages I've "Liked" all lean to the left and they all, every day, many times a day, bewail the state of the nation, especially the state of the nation's politics. And we Facebook followers all "like" and "share" and "comment," but we already know things are scary and bad and weird and crazy. I mean, when Mitt Romney says he'd like his Veep to be someone like Dick Cheney? Way to get nominated, Mitt!

I'm packing my knitting, my workout gear, my electronics and something blue. Because we Democratic women are "Women in Blue." The sweater I've been working on (blue) isn't finished, isn't even half-finished, actually, but it's easy knitting while sitting in meetings. I'd hoped to wear it this weekend.

Oh, well.

I have a back-up plan. WVU plays Maryland tomorrow, so I'll wear my blue-and-gold WVU shirt during the day. I have an indigo blue tee/cardigan set to wear with an indigo/white skirt tomorrow evening. And the WVFDW sold blue polo shirts with their logo embroidered on them last year, so I have that for Sunday.

I feel like a middle-schooler: What are you wearing? Oh that's so cute! Perfect! Giggle.

The hotel has a fitness facility, but it's also mere steps away from a beautiful park and I do believe that's where I'll be fitnessing. Since last Saturday I've walked 20 miles; I'm pretty happy with that. Gotta start (over) somewhere, right?

Since I'm traveling today, I'm declaring this my rest day. If you're resting today, may you be restored, renewed and ready to change for the better when you wake up tomorrow.

You can join me. Heh.

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Mindy said...

Have a great weekend! Sounds pretty good to me. I'm going to the Penn State vs. Temple game. In reality, my main priority is to see my daughter who is a sophomore at Temple but I guess the game is okay too. :)