Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Perfect timing

If you were here beside me, you'd be able to hear the steady patter of rain, rain, rain falling outside. It's the kind of rainsound that makes you think it's never going to stop. Like the Nashville flood in 2010. (I was there.) Also, if you were here beside me, we could have a back-and-forth, meaningful conversation instead of me just throwing words up on a screen. And we'd have coffee.


I had quite a to-do list yesterday, and I'm happy to say I did it, including a three-mile walk. It was a slow three-mile walk, but I checked it off the list. At this stage of the renewed commitment to fitness, getting it done is more important than getting it done faster.

After the walking and before fixing dinner was this line item:
  • Pesto
The advent of cooler temperatures has slowed the growth of the basil, and I decided it was time to harvest and preserve the remaining crop. I had just enough parmesan for one last batch of homemade pesto. (Note to self: Add "parmesan" to the grocery list.) I could have harvested basil in the rain, but I think I picked the perfect day.

I have to make pesto in smallish batches. My 20-year-old 14-cup Cuisinart bit the dust last year, replaced by a smaller, counter-friendly model. The only time I regret that decision is when I make pesto, so I guess it was a good one.

An hour later, I tucked eight four-ounce jars plus a tiny plastic container of deliciousness into the freezer, ready to add to soup or pasta this winter. I love the hit of summer pesto provides when the snow flies.

Today's list includes this:
  • Finish mowing
Thank you, rain! I can just keep moving that one on to the next day's list until the grass dries up. Which might take a while.

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