Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Plan the plans

A saying I've heard in the rooms of AA goes like this:

Plan the plans, not the results.

So helpful, this week and, actually, in all things where one's expectations get in the way of one's serenity.

As I've gotten, ahem, older, I've found my stamina to be somewhat less than greatly reduced from years past. Planning to stretch the housecleaning project over several days seemed like a good idea when I started, but yesterday was the perfect day to just do it all at once.

Well, perfect in one way: My husband was gone most of the day and, thus, not in my way. He's most unhelpful when it comes to housework. Not his fault: He was a doted-upon only child whose family did him no favors by not teaching him how to cook, clean, do laundry, etc.

In order to vacuum, mop, dust, clean bathrooms, do laundry and fix dinner by 5:45 (when I leave for my volunteer gig on Tuesdays) I had to give up my walk. I got a good workout in, including some heavy lifting, but doing housework doesn't feel like a workout to me.

It just feels like work. Heh. And I sure was tired when I was done.

So, back to expectations. And I've written about this before, many times before, I'm sure you're both tired of reading it. If I eat healthful meals and get about an hour of intentional exercise daily, I would hope to drop a few avoirdupois. I don't think I should drop a few overnight. I'd be happy with a few a month, one a week, even two a month would be progress.

There's no progress. I guess the plan will be to continue eating healthful meals and getting an hour of intentional exercise daily just because. The result could be anything: I could ward off disease or I could drop over with a heart attack. I could lose a few pounds or I could pull a Dudley and get fatter and fatter.

The plan for today is to clean the stove and refrigerator, the mirrors and the sliding-glass doors (all seven of them). Also, to take a walk. It's a good plan, it'll keep me busy and out of trouble. The result should be shiny appliances and clear views. No promises, though.


gingersnapper said...

Well you know you're singing my song.

The good news is that by eating healthful meals and exercising, you are improving your overall health, probably your longevity, and certainly your physical and mental abilities as you (ahem) age. But you already knew that.

One thing I read recently that resonated (it's not a solution, but it's interesting) was a comment attributed to Atkins, something like (I am TOTALLY paraphrasing) "You probably didn't become fat by living a moderate lifestyle; you're not going to become thin by doing anything moderate."

I always have this idea that if I live like "a normal person," then I will become a normal weight. As we both know, that hasn't panned out. I live much BETTER than normal-weight people :)

At any rate, don't discount the exercise even if you never lose another pound: it's the most important thing you can do for yourself!

Anne M. said...

Good reminder to plan the plans - that's all we really can control. The results come from what we do. I plan a lot but I find that mostly I'm aiming for something without really planning precisely how to get there.

As for housekeeping - please don't come see my house, you might run away. It's never the top of my list!

denise said...

I am planning-challenged. I find that I'm more fond of creating plans than following them, so in the end it seems a waste to bother.

Once I figure out a plan, it feels like I'm "done" - so I think that's why I fall down on the follow-up. It just goes out of my mind.

So I greatly admire those of you who can create plans and then work through the steps.