Friday, November 11, 2011

If we all spoke binary,

today would be 21. And today would be the last date we could use the old binary numerical system to come up with a value for a set of numbers.

Who cares, right? But seriously, 11/11/11 isn't going to happen again until 3011. I hope I remember to pause at 11 a.m. My grandfather was a WWII veteran and, while he wasn't the jolly, nurturing grandfather one would have hoped for, he did serve his country and brought back some very cool souvenirs from the Pacific theatre that I was able to share on show-and-tell days at school.

What would make me forget to pause at 11 a.m.? Well, I'm still getting ready for the triplet grandsons' visit. The oatmeal cookies are made and tonight's dessert is ready to assemble. The big job remaining is to steam-mop the floors, and I'll get started on that as soon as publish this post.

I'm very tempted to write a novella this morning, to postpone the mopping. Heh.

We're having minestrone for lunch (already made) and beef stew for dinner (not even started) and French toast for breakfast tomorrow and grilled cheese for lunch. I hope that's toddler-friendly enough, I'm a little worried about the minestrone because it's full of vegetables. But their mom has been feeding them vegetables all their little lives, so I'm hoping it will be just fine.

I have Goldfish crackers and graham crackers and apples and bananas and cheese and organic milk and apple juice and you'd think they were going to stay for a week, when really? They're just spending the night!

Okay, moving on.

So I went back to the old blog template, and will probably continue to play around with the design until I get something a little cleaner and more my style. When I have time.

I took time this morning to get a shot of the full moon. The sky was beautiful, I wish I knew how to paint, because it would make a beautiful subject, I think. And just when I said my photo blog was done for the year, there you have it. Number 315. Of course there are a lot of days missing, but still, this is the best Project 365 year I've ever had.

And now I really, really have to go mop the floors eat breakfast.

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