Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm in love with this hat

The cap is blocking over a child's ball. I could have stretched
it over a bowl, but I didn't want the lower edge to stretch out.
I just wish I could remember what book it came out of. My copy of the pattern doesn't even have a page number on it.

To recap (heh, get it? Recap?): Eight triangular sections are knit separately and sewn together with the seam on the outside, for that grungy look. You then pick up stitches along three sections and knit a bill. Knit an identical separate bill piece and sew it to the attached one.

Yes, I'd rather knit than sew, and there's a lot of sewing to this little project. But I think it's worth the effort. There's no way you could get this look by knitting in the round.

Whaddya think?


Anonymous said...

I like the hat, really cute, and I love the yarn (I'm not a knitter). Been catching up after the last week, and I also like the new logo/headline of the blog. Looking good on all fronts.

Anne M. said...

Adorable! I especially like the ball presentation - shows off the grungy ridges. Nice work :)