Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sometimes it's not so great being right

I was right about what I thought would happen if I called the doctor. They wanted me to come in, they agreed that there are a lot of patients being seen with lingering colds and they completely understood that sitting in a waiting room of hacking, coughing, sneezing people probably wasn't going to aid my recovery.

So my husband went to Rite-Aid and brought home some Thera-Flu, which seems to be quite effective. I predict that by Thursday (the 14th day), I shall be completely back to normal. Which I probably would have been, Thera-Flu or no Thera-Flu.

I did a lot of knitting and Mad Men watching yesterday, and it was so much fun that when I woke up – wide awake – at 4 a.m. I did it again. I only have five more episodes of Season Three and all of Season Four to go. New season begins in January, I think.

And I only have to finish sewing three more pieces together to complete the top of the newsboy cap. However, I think it's going to be too small. Not too small to go around my grandson's head, but not deep enough to go from his ears to the top and still have any room left. Maybe I can block it a little bigger. Or maybe I can pick up stitches around the lower edge and add some kind of border or ribbing or something.

Or maybe I can make a new one, using larger needles. I really like the yarn (which has been discontinued), and I have a lot of it "in stock." It would be a good thing to make a dent in it. And in the rest of the knitting stash, for that matter. Whether I end up selling it or knitting it, making a dent would be progress.

And you know what they say: Progress, not perfection. (No chance of perfection here in the Middle of Nowhere!)

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