Sunday, November 13, 2011

Still coughing, still sneezing, still miserable

Enough is enough. It's been 10 days today since I first started coughing. I'm so grateful to not have a sore throat, that was the worst part. But I'm so tired of coughing and blowing my nose and sneezing and just feeling drained, drained, drained.

Our little visitors and their dad left yesterday afternoon. We all had a wonderful time, except me, because I couldn't hug them or kiss them or play outside with them. They didn't seem to notice, they're three-year-old boys, after all, and I was not the center of their world. But we seldom see them, and I really wanted to be feeling better when they came.

I really want to be feeling better period!

My wealth health insurance doesn't cover doctor's office visits, and what can a doctor give you for a cold that I'm not already taking? Antibiotics won't help, just time and rest and chicken soup. If I really thought going to the doctor would make a difference I'd pony up the cash, but it's just. a. cold.

I'm going to do the elliptical for half an hour today, to see how my heel feels and to at least get some intentional activity under my belt. Maybe if I ignore this cold and just carry on, it will get as tired of me as I am of it and just … move on.

I've had the first of four tall glasses of water. I promised myself I would get back on track today, and I will follow through with that, no matter what. There are no other obligations pressing today. I can rest as much as I need to.

But seriously? I'm tired of resting. I'm tired of being grouchy. I'm tired, tired, tired of having a stupid cold.

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