Monday, November 7, 2011

When life gives you lemons …

you take 'em!

When I told my husband I was bringing home a lemon tree he said we could start making 7-Up, since we already have a lime tree. Good thing we have sliding glass doors instead of walls in our living room, because citrus needs lots o' light.

Aren't they pretty?

These fruits are all that remain, as I left some in Tennessee. But there will be more, I'm sure of it. Everything I've read about Meyer lemons (and this may be a Meyer after all) indicate they can take some abuse, which it surely has had the last few days. A little fertilizer, a little water, a lotta sun and I expect it to be full of fruit in another six months or so.

The lime tree has more limes than I can count, but they're very tiny. I don't know what variety of lime I have, though, so maybe they're supposed to be tiny. And I just found out today that limes are orange when they're mature; limes are picked before they're fully ripe.

My miserable cold moved to my head overnight and I'm not nearly as sick as I was when I was supposed to be useful. I can be merely decorative now that I'm home, so of course I'm feeling better. Heh.

Today is not the day to start walking again, although my heel pain is miraculously gone. (Not miraculous at all – rest, stretching and ice will heal plantar fasciitis.) We're having company this weekend and I'd rather be completely free of this cold when they arrive. So I will rest and knit today (the newsboy cap I started, oh, a couple weeks ago?), and make something warm and comforting to eat, and drink tea with honey.

And lemon.


denise said...

Hate it that you got sick - hope you're feeling much better very soon!

Lemon tree looks great. With your green thumb, I'm sure it will thrive.

jen said...

Do they do well indoors in cold climates? I think it would be great to have fresh lemons.

Debbi said...

The lime tree has done very well indoors in the three winters I've had it. We shall see what happens with the lemons. This is the first year it's ever fruited (it's three years old). I'm not expecting additional lemons, it takes about six months from blossom to fruit. I'll be happy if it lives!