Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My cup of cuteness runneth over

The doll clothes c'est finis!

And in the nick of time, too. The recipient of this gift, along with her parents and, hopefully, her dolls, will be here Friday. But between now and Friday I have baking and cleaning and a dinner party to do.

Oh, my.

I didn't think the doll clothes project would take quite so many days. I probably spent four or five hours a day on it for a week. Each doll gets three outfits, and I have a couple more cut out and ready to sew for their birthdays in July.

Okay, that's so lame. I had everything cut out to make for Christmas but I just don't have time. Three outfits per doll is plenty, though, right? At least they won't be living in their pajamas all the time any more.

For Little Pink Baby
A sunsuit with matching bonnet, overalls with a pink short-sleeved shirt and
a white long-sleeved shirt, and a sleeveless jumpsuit thingy.
For Lucy
One-piece jumpsuit thingy.
Top and bloomers (left), pinafore and bloomers (right).
Their four-year-old "mommy" is getting pajama pants and a coordinating t-shirt (among other things). She's been wearing nightgowns, but decided she wanted pants and a shirt like her mommy wears to bed. And her daddy. And her grandma. We're all classy like that.

So hers are flannel, pink with multi-colored polka dots. No Disney characters, I hope she doesn't mind.

Today is baking day and I have a special treat to share with you tomorrow. I hope I don't ruin my camera recording the process of making them.

Stay tuned!


Mindy said...

These are adorable. I still remember when clothes arrived for my baby, Ginny. I loved them so much. Good job!

thismummaslife said...

Those came out adorable! I am currently trying my hand at some homemade clothes for my son's baby doll. They are nothing that awesome!

Social Lilac said...

Those are so perfectly cute! I am envious. Mu dolls are stashed away with a few pieces of clothing my grandmother made for them as well. These pieces will be treasures I'm sure.

gingerzingi said...

The pinafore and bloomers in the last photo - if that was in my size, I would totally wear it.

D said...

I still have and treasure all the outfits my grandma made for my Cabbage Patch Kid...pajamas and Halloween costumes and little fur coats with muffs and Valentine's Day dresses and cheerleader uniforms and more. So...your efforts are worth it! Those clothes will be treasured for many many years :)