Monday, January 23, 2012

BIG NEWS from the Middle of Nowhere

We have a gym! A gym, a gym, a gym. With machines. And weights. And wi-fi!

Oh, and I JOINED IT! Today. Four hours ago. I've already done my first workout, 2 sets of 10 reps on a dozen MACHINES and 20 minutes on a fancy-schmancy treadmill. Wanna know how fancy it is? I'm not making this up: JILLIAN talks to you on it! And you can travel the world with Google Maps if you want to.

I thought I'd better concentrate on not falling off, so I'll save the world travels for another day.

It's only twenty-five bucks a month, and the Grand Opening offer is if you sign up and pay for six months you get a month free, so of course I signed up and paid for six months. That'll take me to July 23, about the time the garden is exploding. I'll reassess whether I want six more months then or if I want to wait until September to re-up.

Not many people are this excited when they join a gym, but I'll tell you what: I've missed living near one for 15 years. It's still 12 miles away, but that's a helluva lot closer than none at all.

I'm planning to go three days a week, but I might go more often if I love it. So far … I love it.


gingerzingi said...

Fantastic! I can't wait to read about your gym adventures.

denise said...

May your enthusiasm for the gym experience continue for a long, long time!

Personally, I find that I'm much more enthusiastic about joining than I ever am about going. Need to fix that soon!