Friday, January 13, 2012

One down, two to go

Friday the 13ths, that is. We'll have another in April and one in July, and the most you can have in one year is three. A third of the way done with the bad-luck Fridays.

I've had more unfortunate incidents happen on the Ides of March than any Friday the 13th, though, so I will keep calm and carry on today. And keep warm while I'm at it. The arctic cold front came through last night, dumping a good eighth of an inch of snow here in the Middle of Nowhere. The high today will be 28. I have a date with the elliptical later.

Thank you all for your encouragement as I begin this new way of eating. My daughter said it seemed like a sensible, healthful plan for her. She didn't try to encourage me to jump on board at all. She was simply being a good example, although she doesn't know it. I won't see her again until June, and I'm hoping against hope that I will be able to surprise her with a much-improved body by then.

Frankly, after all the chopping-prepping-cooking I've done this week, I'm impressed by how she manages.  She has a full-time job, two children who are involved in time-sucking extracurriculars and she goes to law school. But she's always been very organized and when she knows she has to do something, she doesn't procrastinate. She. Just. Does. It.

She's been a good example for me in that respect, as well.

South Beach appears to be working so far. I've been weighing myself daily since the first of the year, and until I quit eating sugar and flour products, I'd been bouncing up and down with the same three pounds. I've now lost six pounds since January 1.

Quite amazing. And, apparently, against the laws of nature according to FatSecret. When I recorded my weight this morning, I got this little pop-up message, which TOTALLY cracked me up:

           My Weigh in Report

              You lost 2.0 lb (1.0 %) since you last weighed in on Thursday 12 Jan 12.
              At that rate it will take you about 1 months to get to your goal weight.

One month to goal? HAH! Even I don't wish for that!

I've been using FatSecret off and on since the fall of 2010, and I really like the program. I don't get involved in challenges or have buddies or join sub-groups. I use it only for tracking my progress and recording my food and exercise.

This little warning message was a surprise, since I've never recorded my weight on a daily basis before. One more reason to like it. I know a lot of iPhone folks use LoseIt, and in the past I've used other programs, some free, some paid. Do any of you use one I might not have heard of? Do tell!

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