Saturday, January 21, 2012

Still no answer ...

on the logo. Maybe I'll make a video and it'll go viral on YouTube and out of the millions of people who view it, the original designer will come out of the woodwork and offer me lotsocashmoneybucks for the one remaining gimmetote left from that particular event.

Or not.

Moving on …

I originally dedicated my Project 365 blog (I guess it should be 366 this year, eh?) this year to food, glorious food. But you know what? You can take just so many pictures of meat and salad and it starts getting boring. And repetitive. And boring. A couple days ago I kind of circumvented the topic by posting food for the soul, but yesterday I just busted out totally and shot this.

People, it's waaay too early for daffodils. The first daff photo I took last year was of a bunch of them along a median strip. On March 23. The first asparagus started coming up March 15. I'm kind of afraid to go look at the asparagus bed. I haven't even cut back last year's dead stalks.

I continue to stay on track with the food part of the South Beach plan, but totally blew off any intentional activity yesterday. Even though the dumbbells are now convenient to where I usually park my ass. I kept postponing the walking, mostly because I was busy clearing out the guest room of the generational clutter.

Among the treasures I found were five tuxedo shirts, all different, four of which are in remarkably good shape. They'd been carefully folded and placed in the bottom of a cardboard box, and then various other odd things were tossed atop them. Things like:

  • Dozens of spools of thread, some wooden
  • A set of plaques with heart images on them, advertising drugs made by Boehringer-Ingleheim
  • A stack of handprinted fabric squares, 9x9 inches, made in Key West, FL
  • Odd pieces of light blue cotton
  • Enough beautiful dark-pink cotton pique fabric, embroidered all over with daisies, to make my younger granddaughter a dress
  • A Kodak camera. With film in it.

And that was just one box. I'm also now stocked for life with blue, white and black fabric ribbon, and with gift wrap. As long as I want to present my gifts in a plain brown wrapper.

Today looks like a good day to catch up on another episode from Glee's first season. I'm always gone on Tuesday nights when it airs, and I don't have anyone to talk about the episodes with anyway, so I don't mind being a couple years behind. I do intend, however, to keep up with Mad Men when it begins its new season on AMC March 25. 9 p.m. Be there or be square.

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