Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Using prison as a motivator

My husband was able to join me for my walk yesterday. He's been working on a project which takes him out of the house most days so it was a treat to have him tag along with me yesterday afternoon. It was grey and very windy, but warm enough that I didn't need a coat. Quite remarkable for January.

My New Year's goal of doing some strength training 3x/week has completely gone by the wayside. I guess seeing my daughter's results from just eating a low-carb diet (she doesn't work out) made me think I, too, could forego weight training. In fact, she and I have very different body types and very different metabolisms. She takes after her dad, clearly.

She's also 20 years younger than I, and all of us old folks know that even though it might have seemed hard at the time, losing weight 20 years ago was a heck of a lot easier than it is now.

Since it's Wednesday, and Wednesday was one of the days I'd committed to strength training, I'm going to find the motivation and time to do something with dumbbells today.

Last night was my AA meeting at the prison. I have to admit that I rarely feel like going. It's hard to head out at dark o'clock, leaving my nice warm house to deal with a hundred women, most of whom don't want to be in that room. They're not required to attend, but their team leaders strongly suggest it, and if you were in prison and your team leader strongly suggested you stand on your head, you'd be figuring out a way to do it. Team leaders are motivational like that.

There are a few women, though, who make it all worthwhile, or I probably wouldn't have kept going back for the past 13 years.

I wish I could transfer my feelings about that meeting to the dumbbells. I'd love to be reluctant to begin a routine, work my way into it and finish knowing that was exactly what I needed to be doing. Tune in tomorrow. I'll report back. In the meantime, have a happy hump day.

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