Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Six weeks. Ten pounds.

It's been years since I could say I've lost 10 pounds in any time period, let alone six weeks. For you young whippersnappers out there who think you've got your whole lifetime to lose weight, here's a tip: Your metabolism will slow down as you age. In other words, lose it now.

Because I weigh myself daily (but only officially record it weekly), I knew I was not going to have a dramatic loss. It's good to see the trend continuing downward, however, and it's enough motivation to continue the South Beach plan. I love the irony of hitting the 10-pound mark on Valentine's Day, when chocolates are plentiful and on sale!

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My craving for something sweet has not gone away, and I caved in yesterday. I left the gym at around 1:30 p.m., after a hard workout (I'm increasing my sets this week, I'm now up to 3 sets of 15 reps), headed for the grocery. I walked into Tiny Kroger and the first thing I saw was a display of sugar cookies – the soft kind with icing – and free samples of half cookies. Without even thinking about it, I popped one in my mouth and enjoyed every crumb. (You recovering alkies will recognize this behavior, if not from personal experience, then from reading about it.)

I'm sure not going to do that every day. The taste wasn't enough to get me to buy a dozen, as I might have in the past. I feel worse about it this morning than I did yesterday afternoon. It's one of those "get back on the horse" moments, I guess, and in the whole scheme of things, I hope I haven't done much damage.

Damn Valentine's Day anyway. Were it not for this Hallmark holiday, those cookies wouldn't even have been on display.

It's all Cupid's fault!

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denise said...

Ah, but in truth, cookies are always in season at Kroger - and they place them strategically to make sure you see them ... and the cupcakes ... and the individual cake slices ... etc. as you arrive and get ready to depart the store. (At least this is the case at my not-so-tiny Kroger.)

Just plain mean spirited of them, really. But I suppose it's a good retail strategy - I know i've fallen for it many times over the years.

Congratulations on your 10-lb. loss! That's great. I stopped at the library yesterday and picked up some South Beach books - of course whether i ever get around to reading and acting on them is another thing, but I took the first step at least.

Happy Valentine's Day!