Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wiki Waterleaks

I would love for life to just even out for a while. Each individual issue my husband and I are dealing with would be manageable on its own, but there are so many piled atop one another that we find ourselves wanting to sell everything and run away.

That water drop should be a dollar sign.
Unfortunately, the issues are not appropriate blog fodder. Except, maybe, the water.

We have spent So. Much. Money. making sure water is both potable and available here in the Middle of Nowhere. In addition to money, it has cost me a friendship, which ended almost exactly a year ago.

Our water pump is located nearly half a mile from our house, down a steep hill or mini mountain, take your pick, in a cow pasture. You have to duck under an electric fence to get to the meter.

The bill for said meter has always been less than $10 a month. This month it was more than $200.

Houston, we have a problem. If the pump is running that much, there must be a leak, right?

The thing is, usually when we have a leak there's some evidence of it, and the evidence has always been low water pressure. The pressure has been fine, so we didn't suspect a thing.

The power company has tested the meter which, of course, is fine. The man who has been our water expert for the past three or four years came yesterday and ruled out all the dire possibilities. He temporarily adjusted a pressure switch which finally got the pump to shut off. But the key word here is "temporarily." There's still a leak, somewhere along the line, and we have to wait for it to show up above ground. After which there will be equipment and mud and lack of water until repairs are made.

Oh, the joy and anticipation.

Wars have been fought over water. If your water works, you can add one more blessing to your day.


Unknown said...

Hope you find the leak very quickly. Good luck with it. MarilynB

Kathy said...

I know how crazy it can be if there are water troubles. We went 5 days without water on summer. We had to have a new well put in and a new pump. The following winter the water heater decided to leak. I literally had a flood in the hallway. It was a nightmare from hell. I agree one catastrophe may be doable, but more than one...OMG I think not. We do what we have to. I hope you get your water problems resolved soon and it doesn't cost you to much money.


gingerzingi said...

Ugh. I feel for you. We are also not on city utilities, though not as far into the wilderness as you are, nor on as much land. But still, when something goes wrong with that water, it's never a happy ending. One of the worst was when the septic pump died, and we could run as much water as we wanted, but we couldn't let any of it go down a drain! Boy, if you want a quick lesson on how much water you waste everyday down a drain, that'll teach it quick! Hope you get your leak located precisely and quickly...