Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh, the weather outside is frightful …

It's snowing. And cold. And it's snowing. AND DID I MENTION IT'S SNOWING?!?!?

I put a sideways-oriented video on my Facebook page, because I'm stupid about cell phone camcorders. (And then I fixed it so it shows up properly! Woo hoo!) Not sure if you have to be a FB friend to see the video or not. If you're not my FB friend, feel free to click the little button in the sidebar and I'll add you right away.

I'm feeling a little emotionally manic this morning, I guess falling snow will do that to you me. I'd love to be feeling physically manic, as well, but I was up for a couple hours in the dark, early hours, right after 1 a.m., and my energy level is running on empty.

But since I got a call last night saying don't bother to come in to work today, I think I'll somehow manage to get through the day. I might even mop my floors, which desperately need attention. The garden center is having a snow day! Yay!

They were open yesterday, but my schedule has changed and I no longer work on Sundays. I did, however, celebrate Earth Day by picking up roadside litter with the owner and two other employees. We started at 9 a.m., got done around 11:30 and collected 15 bags of trash over a two-mile stretch of road. You can read about our adventures in litter-bagging here. (Honestly? What a nasty, nasty job. I couldn't wait to get home and take a shower. How hard is it to just hold on to your trash until you can deposit it in a proper receptacle, anyway? Especially beverage bottles used as spittoons. gross, Gross, GROSS!)

Moving on.

Apropos of absolutely nothing Earth Day-related, I want to share what I had for breakfast this morning. Overnight oats have been around for a while. I first read about them at Kath Eats Real Food. (Here's her recipe. And her photos are much better than mine!) I don't know if Kath invented them or not; I see lots of links to variations on Pinterest, as well.

These are not your warm, creamy, steel-cut-in-the-crockpot overnight oats. These are cold and creamy, and you'd absolutely NEVER know you were eating oats. I've been meaning to try them for months, but I never think about throwing everything together after dinner so they can meld together in the fridge.

Last night, however, I did. Here's the basic recipe:

Overnight Oats
1/3 cup yogurt (plain, flavored, Greek, it doesn't really matter)
1/3 cup milk
1/3 cup old-fashioned rolled oats

My last batch of yogurt was kind of thin, so I didn't add any additional milk. The flavor variations come, of course, from the add-ins, which range from sugar-free applesauce and cinnamon to fruit-flavored jams to fresh cut-up fruit to peanut butter and cocoa. I did the applesauce-and-cinnamon version and loved it. I added some chia seeds and a teensy bit of sugar, from my sugar-cinnamon mix stored in a shaker-top spice bottle.

Mix the ingredients in a Mason jar or other lidded container, pop it in the refrigerator and let it sit overnight. It's actually still good a couple days later, in case you get an unexpected invitation to breakfast.

Seriously. You won't believe you're eating oats.

Have you tried them before? Did you like them and are they now part of your regular breakfast rotation? And how did you celebrate Earth Day? Inquiring minds and all that …


Diandra said...

Overnight oats is one more thing I totally want to try, eventually. Right now it is still cold enough in the morning to make me want something warm for breakfast, with peanut butter and bananas. ^^

denise said...

I totally left a comment this morning and it's totally gone this afternoon... :-(

What I said was...this is a perfect illustration of why I don't cook much - I can over think even the most simple of recipe - take this one, for example, which has only three ingredients...

What exactly are "oats" - are we talking oatmeal? If so, instant or quick cook or steel cut...? I hit the link and checked out some of the pictures and it doesn't look like any of those things to me, so maybe I don't even know what oats are...very sad... :-(