Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One more thing about LoseIt

When I was training for the half-marathons I've done, I liked to add stars to the chart to show my progress. It felt great to look at that piece of paper and see those shiny little symbols adding up as I made my way through the weeks and weeks of hard, easy and long runs.

Well, LoseIt knows about people like me, and every once in a while they give you a badge, a little Attagirl, an additional pat on the back. I haven't figured out what I need to do to earn one, so it's not like I'm working for anything other than to continue being consistent with eating reasonable amounts of healthful foods and exercising. But it makes me smile when I get an e-mail announcing I've earned another badge.

It's kind of like Girl Scouts, except I'm doing the work for myself, not for the privilege of sewing patches on my sash and showing off to the other girls in my troop.

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denise said...

This reminds me of a website I signed up for after reading an article in Parade magazine. It's called the Daily Challenge. Each day they send an email with ... well... a "challenge" (go figure).

Sometimes they are exercise related, sometimes eating related, and sometimes something different. They're not big challenges and doing only what they tell you specifically on a given day isn't going to yield huge results, but it's interesting - AND, you earn points and get different levels/badges as you go on, so you might find it of interest.

It's done through a website called meyouhealth.com. You might be interested in checking it out...