Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Up, down, up, down, the same! Again!

It's Tuesday, and since I was being a crankyass last week and didn't/couldn't/WOULDN'T report my weight-loss results, I guess I'd better do so today. Since Tuesday is when I usually 'fess up.

I have finally gotten back to the lowest weight I've been since the first of the year, meaning I've lost nine pounds in 13 weeks. If you'll remember, I'd previously lost nine pounds in five weeks, and then again in 11 weeks. So here I am again, at some kind of critical barrier. For me, anyway.

Would it KILL this body to just go ahead and drop ONE MORE POUND for an even 10?!?

But enough about that.

I've been using a BlackBerry app called Great Trainer to help keep track of my walks, but it's not available for the Android market, so I'm using something new. Skimble works about the same, but I haven't figured out if it will "tell" me, via chirp or voice, when I've reached a certain distance. Since I walk the same route most days anyway, it really doesn't matter. And it's kind of fun to use a new app; this one will track/record a LOT of activities.

I'm also investigating features in various Couch to 5K (C25K) apps. While I don't have plans to run a 5K any time soon, I remember how much I liked the discipline of the training experience when I was preparing to run my first half-marathon. And I especially liked sticking little stars on the chart when I completed each training run. 'Cause I'm a kindergartener like that.

I think I might be at a good point to use running (okay, jogging/walking fast) as a weight-loss tool. Training for the Country Music Half completely stalled what had been pretty steady weight loss in 2007. I had thought I would continue losing, but training affects different people differently, and I'm one of those who ended up rewarding myself for all those long, hard training runs.

All winter I've been doing the elliptical and walking steadily, using free weights at the gym, doing intervals on the stationary bike … all of these things are good and helpful, but now that spring is here it's time to kick it up a notch. A C25K plan would do that.

With the addition of the somewhat physical part-time job (which is all standing, walking and lifting, but nothing strenuous), I should be burning quite a few more calories than I do sitting on my crankyass in front of the laptop.

Now we'll see if the theory translates into real life results.

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