Monday, April 9, 2012

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

And when you have a gallon of fresh milk, leftover ham and ripe asparagus, make


Fresh from the oven … the most non-traditional Easter dinner I've ever made.
 I hope your Easter was happy and that you broke your no-chocolate-for-Lent fast with the most delicious dark chocolate bunny you could find. We debated about thawing the one-pound Reese's cup Santa brought, but ultimately decided the calories wouldn't be worth it.

Especially since we'd just finished our Easter pizza.

I worked from noon until 4 yesterday afternoon, so I needed to be able to come home, get cleaned up and put dinner together relatively quickly. I made the mozzarella Saturday. I made the dough Sunday morning and let it rise, then stuck it in the refrigerator for the rest of the day.

Business at the garden center was slow, so I got to leave a little early, giving me plenty of time to put it all together. Heck, I probably could have made a more traditional feast, but everything was ready for pizza, so pizza it was.

Now I've never had a ham-and-asparagus pizza, but apparently it's not all that unusual. Seriously, I think you can put most food items on a sauce-and-cheese-covered pizza crust and it'll be edible.

For the sauce, I mixed half a small can of tomato paste with some spicy brown mustard, a little horseradish and a shot of sriracha. I covered that with the shredded mozza, added some sliced Egyptian onions, eight or nine asparagus spears snapped into one-inch pieces, about 8 oz. of chopped ham and a can of drained mushroom pieces and stems. I debated about seasonings, but decided the sauce would be a strong enough flavor that it wouldn't need anything else.

My husband LOVED IT! I did, too, but he absolutely raved about it. Granted he's very easy to please when it comes to food, but he seriously could not stop talking about how good it. He even said we should have it the next time we have dinner guests.

So there you have it: Easter pizza. I tried to figure out a way to include eggs and chocolate bunnies, but in the end decided that would be overkill. I hope your Easter dinner was as big a success as mine was.


denise said...

Well next year you could always shape the pizza like an egg and arrange your toppings in stripes or polka dots to make it look like a decorated Easter egg!

But then again, it looks pretty good as is...

I had a great Easter dinner - because I didn't have to make it. My brother and his wife cooked, and it was delicious as always. My contribution was a chocolate cake (made from scratch from the easiest recipe in the world) with ice cream (which I didn't make, but I found an interesting flavor - sea salt carmel).

booker said...

YUMMY!(the pizza!)

Diandra said...

Looks delicious!

We had kind of an Easter "pizza" as well, yesterday... I had made egg salad (my first attempt, and really good, if I dare say so myself ^^ ), and we put some of it on some yeast dough, added two kinds of cheese and had some mixed salad along with it. Was rather simple, but the BF liked it. (I would have loved to add some tomatoes, but he is not too fond of them.)