Friday, May 18, 2012

Finally enough strawberries to actually eat!

Today is the next to the last day of National Women's Health Week here in the United States. My husband is a psychiatrist, and his e-mails this week have been focusing on women's mental health.

I could use a little mental health these days. Heh.

Crops! With NO slug damage! I think
the Sluggo is working.
Actually (don't you love it when little kids say 'actually?' All of my grandchildren have, so far, gone through an actually stage) the day is starting off on a bright note, with fresh strawberries from my garden topping my Shredded Wheat. I'm excited to write a little reaping-and-eating news, since there isn't much knitting (still working on the endless blue stockinette pullover) and there's NO running.

(Two of our Amish neighbors grow strawberries as a crop to sell, and neither of their gardens are doing well at all. I think our non-winter followed by a cold snap confused them. This might be all I get from the few plants I have.)

My intentional activity yesterday included baking two batches of brownies working in the garden for three and a half hot hours in the afternoon. Tilling a bed for the edamame, and then planting the edamame was sandwiched between the brownie baking. The first batch was definitely not worthy of serving to members of Three Rivers Democratic Women at last night's meeting, so I had to make another batch. My husband ate most of the first batch, except for the gooey pieces I had to toss. I tasted them, and they were delicious, but not pretty enough to serve.

My very first job, other than baby-sitting, was working for a caterer. I bet you couldn't have guessed that.

Thanks for all your kind comments about yesterday's fog photo, and for your good wishes for my granddaughter and her broken wing. She went to school the next day – clearly she does not know how to milk an injury! Although my own cast envy certainly included going to school and getting lots of attention.

Busy day today, busy weekend ahead. I do believe I'll only be posting photos tomorrow and Sunday, but who knows? I could get inspired, especially if I wake up super-early. I hope your weekend is productive and fun and soul-satisfying. I hope mine is, too.

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Diandra said...

Geez, if I looked at how pretty my food was, I'd never serve anything to anybody and they'd all starve. ^^

(My usual comment when serving something is, "It tastes better than it looks, don'T complain.")