Thursday, May 24, 2012

May he stay …

forever young.

Happy birthday to my favorite entertainer, songwriter, poet and musician – Bob Dylan is 71 today!

So easy to remember his birthday, when it is 10 years and one day before mine. Heh.

So yesterday was a very long day, and I came home from work in a heavy downpour to find the power was out. My husband and I went to a the local Chinese restaurant for dinner. We're going out for dinner tonight, to celebrate my birthday.

We're going out for dinner tomorrow, the first day of his mother's family reunion, and we're going out for dinner with the clan on Saturday, as well.

I will be well and truly SICK of restaurants by the time Sunday gets here.

Today, though, I will play Bob Dylan music and enjoy a day off and get ready to greet age 61 with grace.

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