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May mornings

My husband loves May mornings in the southern West Virginia hills. Many of them are shrouded in fog and most are cloaked with dew. The birdsong is lovely, especially when the robins and bluebirds and doves first start tweeting.

I've grown to love May mornings, as well. Actually, I love all mornings. I've always been a lark. Even as a teen I rarely slept 'til noon and about the only time you'll find me in bed past 6 a.m. is when I'm sick.

The sky this morning was stunning, with pink clouds (seriously!) punctuating the early, soft-blue sky. My mother used to say it was "sky-blue pink" outside. She wasn't an especially poetic woman, but I remember her saying that, and hope I always do.

This May morning will – WILL – find me in the garden, as soon as it warms up just an eentsy bit more. I hope to get everything weeded and planted today, and it will take most of the day to do it. I'm promising myself I will take some breaks and then get right back to it. My personality is the kind that likes to go from A to Z without stopping in between, but as I get older I find it's just not possible to go from A to Z without some kind of mental meltdown or physical injury.

And lest you think working in the garden will be drudgery … it's not at all. I'm so surprised to find, at my age, that digging and tilling and planting (and reaping!) are fun for me. I moved here, to a home with plenty of tillable land, in 1997, but only began gardening three years ago. Or was it four? The older I get, the more the years run together.

Speaking of years passing quickly … our triplet grandsons are four years old today. I looked at their three-year-old picture today and am amazed at the difference between three and four. Three = toddler. Four = BOYS! I hope they have lots of fun at their party and if anyone deserves a happy mother's day, it's their sweet mom, who's had her hands more than full since they were born.

Wishing you all well today, and I hope you get a peek at some sky-blue pink clouds and skies soon.


E. Jane said…
May mornings are something special, and I'm not an early bird. They relly signal a new beginning--fresh and fragrant with hope.
denise said…
May mornings here have been extremely nice lately, although I get to see them starting later than you most of the time.

The birds here are singing merrily in the trees also. Unfortunately, they like to do that starting around 5:00-5:30 or so in the trees outside my bedroom window. This, unfortunately, does NOT make me happy, as I usually go to bed around midnight or later and don't like to get up before 7:00, if then.

For some reason, they start singing very early but only do it for 20-30 minutes and then stop. Not sure what sets them off or makes them stop, but wish the whole routine could be boosted forward a couple of hours!

I planted my "garden" today as well. Fingers crossed at least some of it survives my inexpert planting technique and care.

Compared to you, my garden is very small, but I managed to get in two New Guinea Impatients, 12 marigolds, two petunias, 4 tomatoes of different types, rosemary, thyme, basil, parsley, cucumber, and a jalapeño pepper!

Two tomatoes and the impatients went in the ground and the rest into containers. One of my tomato plants was snapped already - presumably from some of the heavy rains we've had one the last week or so.

The only thing I didn't get to was doing a little trimming of my encore azaleas, some of which have gotten a bit too big and out of shape (must be taking their cue from me!).

My knee is not too happy from carrying the heavy bags of drainage rocks and potting soil, but with any luck, and the aid of a few Advil, it will forgive me by tomorrow.

Supposed to rain tomorrow, so I'm hoping everything gets well watered in and takes off from that...

Hope your planting went well.
denise said…
BTW, haven't found Sluggo yet, and the other anti-slug remedies were fairly expensive considering the small amount I would need to protect my window-box size container of strawberries.

Someone at the store suggested I try putting salt around the edges of the container...any thoughts on that?

May give it a try just for kicks. It's not like I'm going to have a big strawberry crop in any case, so it might not be worth messing with unless the slugs are likely to migrate to other plants and cause problems.

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