Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday? Again? Already?

I need a wife, I really do. Or a time management course. Or a clone. Or Molly Maids.

What I don't need is One. More. Commitment.

I knew I was going to be busy beyond belief this spring, but I truly had no idea how that was going to look. Or feel. Well, I'm here to tell you it looks like hell – laundry gets washed, dried and folded but never seems to make it back into a dresser drawer. My floors desperately need cleaning, it's a good thing no one ever just "drops in" out here in the Middle of Nowhere. The pile of unread magazines is three months high and ready to slip off the undusted end table where they landed when I had to make room on the table to eat dinner.

How does it feel? I hate feeling this disorganized and behind. This weekend would have been a great time to do a little catching up, but I was gone all day Saturday and spent yesterday working in the yard. Not the garden, as I would have preferred. I mowed and mowed and mowed. And then I whacked weeds and watered plants.

And then I died. Heh.

Saturday's trip was one of the few easy-to-get-to places in the whole state. West Virginia is not known for ease of travel. You really can't get there from here, usually. But going to Flatwoods means getting on three major highways, zip, zip, zip. And, therefore, getting home means getting on the same three highways in reverse.

Unless you miss a turn. My 110-mile trip, which should have taken two and a half hours according to Google Maps, ended up being close to 140 miles and taking slightly more than three hours. After I missed the first exit, which would have taken me from Road One to Road Two, I rerouted the GPS and ended up driving on a one-lane hard road (very much like the twisty-turny one I live on) for probably 40 miles.

That took a while.

But it was beautiful. West Virginia really is a lovely state, and West Virginia in the spring is simply lush. Green mountains, waterfalls, wildlife. Tidy homes with amazing gardens. I have garden envy, since mine is still mostly unplanted and full of weeds.

I didn't stop to linger anywhere. My car is held together with liberal bumper stickers, and I wasn't sure of the political climate in these backwoods parts of the state. Better to keep moving and admire the view from 40 mph. But I did stop once to get a picture of New River Gorge from far, far away. It was much more stunning in person.

The next several weekends are full of one thing or another, most of them fun but some of them not so much. I will survive. I will prevail, even. And when all is said and done, I will collapse.

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Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Ah yes, just when you thought it was safe to go back into the calendar - it's Monday again. Sounds like your 40 mile ride would have been a lovely trip instead of a detour, if you had planned it. Beautiful shot of the river.