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There are no words

Or at least there weren't many yesterday. Did you miss me? But here's a few for today.

The family drama is firing up again, from a different angle this time. I just want to run away sometimes. Thank goodness for Tuesdays, when I get to go to jail. Heh. (For anyone new here, I volunteer at a federal women's prison every Tuesday evening, where I am privileged to learn so very much from the inmates I work with.)

Besides, running away doesn't solve the problem, it just creates new ones. Like where's Debbi? And why isn't she here making dinner?

Moving on …

As I was leaving the house yesterday to go to jail, the phone rang. It was my son, with the unhappy news that my little granddaughter had broken her right arm. She's not quite five and it happened at preschool. It could have been much worse, as she fell from one of those tall climbing things. She's quite scraped up and some of her front teeth are loose, so she'll be going to the dentist today instead of back to school.

She chose a purple cast (purple and pink are her favorite colors, but the pink was neon and that's not her pink, so purple it was) and she sounds amazingly chirpy on the phone. She relayed to me the information that both her mommy and her daddy have had casts before (how well I know!), and now all three of them have! Like she's joined a special club.

I'm not a member, but I've always secretly wanted a broken bone. Not so much now that I'm older and, um, more mature, but I can remember feeling pure envy when a classmate showed up with an arm in a cast, or had to get around on crutches. She or he got lots of attention and didn't have to carry their own books and were just, oh, I don't know, different and special in a way those of us with intact bones could never be.

I know. Crazy, right? At least I've outgrown it.

And I would totally want a white cast, so everyone could sign it.


pinklady said…
I know just what you mean about running away, I feel the same sometimes but as you say it doesn't solve anything I am the sort of person that bottles thing up.
a.eye said…
I used to totally want a cast throughout elementary school!!

I'm glad I have not broken a bone looking back, though.
jen said…
I always wanted a cast too but am very glad now that I never had one. I enjoyed reading this -- the problem with NaBloPoMo is that the prompts take over the blog voice.

Sorry about the family drama, though. I fantasize about running away too but it's mostly my inner critic that I'd like to escape, and I'm pretty sure she would find me.
Anonymous said…
I'm sure sorry to hear about your granddaughter and the family drama gain. Right now we just finished with my mom's broken ankle and our own family drama is gearing up again. I understand about the running away - a great song, from Robben Ford, Nothing to Nobody, kinda covers that.
I always secretly wanted a frankenstein-type scar, the kind that looks like a single track train. I have one on my ankle now and it's not as neat as you think!
Diandra said…
Having a broken anything sucks. I broke my leg as a kid, and it was no fun. No, it did not hurt, but it itched beneath the cast!!
E. Jane said…
Family drama does really suck. For me, the drama is always with my family or origin--really difficult people! Thank heaven I married a man with a family that I now call my own. So sorry about your granddaughter. It's a good thing that they heal so fast at that young age. I hope all goes well. And--take it from one who had a bad fall and a bad injury last year--you do NOT want a cast! I love your posts!

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