Thursday, May 3, 2012

A typical – and an atypical – day

I pinned this to Pinterest the other day:

And this is what I wrote about it:
Actually, here's a list of what my husband thinks I should do most days (he thinks I overextend myself). Wonder what he'd think if I actually DID nothing all day?!

He really does tell me I need to slow down, take a day off, just do nothing all day (mostly because that's what he does all day. Mostly.)

Well, spring has sprung and there's much to do. My typical day starts around 6 a.m., which is my natural get-up time. I let the dog out, make coffee, fire up the computer, check e-mail, Facebook and Pinterest, write to both of you and then read what y'all have written. Then I either go to work at the garden center (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or go to work here at home.

If I work at the garden center, I still have to get something out for dinner, pack a lunch, throw a load of laundry in, and wipe down the bathroom and the kitchen sink before I leave. Work means getting my hands dirty, lots of lifting (of flats, trees, plants), loading and unloading orders either into cars or off of trucks and, of course, getting to be right in the middle of the most beautiful spot in Summers County, West Virginia.

Work at home includes housework, of course, gardening (tilling, planting, weeding, mulching), yardwork (mowing, raking, weed-whacking), freelance graphic design work, Democratic Women's club duties and, if necessary, grocery shopping, paying bills, cleaning out the car/garage/shed/whatever. We're done with dinner around 6, and I can usually stay up until 8 (Jeopardy comes on at 7:30 here), after which I play a couple games of Scrabble on the Nook, or read three pages of a magazine or book, and then it's lights out.

Yesterday was a most atypical – and fun! – day. We were busy, busy, busy at the garden center. We had to move lots of things around in order to make room for three new orders, all of which arrived within an hour. During the time we were unloading and stocking those plants, we sold a bunch more. My work day ends at 4, and by 5 my husband and I were floating down the Greenbrier River with most of the Groundworks crew. The birthday girl, whose cake I made Tuesday, requested a float followed by a cookout to celebrate her day.

I wish, wish, wish I could have taken photos while we were in the rapids. I was nervous pulling my plastic-bag-protected phone from a buttoned pocket to snap a couple of tranquil shots. The two-mile trip involved very little paddling, because the water level is high right now and the current was running. There are three sets of rapids (one of the grandchildren calls them "rabbits"), each of which left us breathless from laughing so hard.

After the river trip we went to the birthday girl's beautiful home for a cookout. And dessert. In addition to my cake and cupcakes, someone else had brought a lemon cornmeal cake with blueberry filling. Oh. My. Goodness.

Food tastes fabulous when you're hungry, and we all agreed the elk and/or beef/venison burgers, fresh asparagus, cornmeal-stuffed peppers and bean salad was the best meal ever. Tucking into dessert is extremely atypical for me, but yesterday was atypically active, so I think I made up for it.

And besides … who's counting? I'm probably in the last third of my life and I don't want to spend these years should-I-or-shouldn't-I-ing. I want to move and play and enjoy each day. I'm so fortunate that most of my work is also fun.

Thanks for your comments yesterday. I found a yoga video on Netflix called Yoga for Aches and Pains. Most of the practice was done standing or sitting in a chair. I chose to do the chair poses on the mat instead. It was gentle and not difficult at all. I finished up with a YouTube sun salutation, which is so hard for me. I can't jump back from a forward bend into plank, and I always feel awkward and heavy making the effort. I think next time I'll start with the sun salutations and finish with something that makes me feel more graceful. For today, though, I think I'll mow. And do laundry. And weed the flower beds. (I can do a lot of downward dog poses weeding flower beds!) And hopefully find time for a walk.

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