Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well, the garden got smaller yesterday …

but the soil got better.

As I was heading out to get the tiller out of the shed, the phone rang. My horse-loving neighbor had a pile of manure mixed with sawdust for me. I'd thought she wasn't going to have any this spring (she's been spreading it across her pasture as soon as they clean the barn, to cut down on flies), but she saved a day's worth for me.

My neighbor is very thoughtful like that.

So instead of tilling and planting, I spent the morning shoveling you-know-what. And it was EXACTLY enough to cover the remaining unplanted, unmulched ground. I only have one full bale of straw left, and no cardboard, but I can take my time now that the manure is down.

I've cut the garlic scapes, which
I will turn into pesto. Cutting them
allows the plant to put more
energy into bulb production. 
It won't be long before the garlic is ready to harvest, so there will be an empty bed for green beans, probably, or cucumbers maybe. Something that will mature well before the first frost.

I'm supposed to capture my personality in the photoaday project today. Look for a picture of the river later on … I like to think I go with the flow!

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