Thursday, May 31, 2012


No, not World Wrestling Federation. (I bet some of you didn't know that's what those letters stood for, once upon a time, am I right?)

On the last day of May – NaBloPoMo's "Play" month – I'm going to write briefly about a game. Imagine that, I'm sticking to the theme.

I downloaded Words With Friends to my phone a few days ago. (Is there some way to find out exactly when you installed things? If there is, I haven't figured it out. As I frequently remark, my phone is much smarter than I am!) My cousin challenged me to a game, and I began playing.

I don't remember how I learned she had started a game with me, but I noticed that two other people also had, several days previously, and that (apparently) because I'd never responded, they automatically won.

That they won without a move on my part doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that I didn't know about the games. I'm not sure how one gets notified. Am I supposed to do something with the settings?

Perhaps I should go check that WWF website and see if there's an FAQ. Then again, maybe one of you has the answer at your fingertips, and can pop a comment and help me out. (I love how Shauna and MizFit say that on their podcast – and BY THE WAY, WHEN WILL WE GET TO HEAR A NEW ONE?)

Also on this last day of May, I'm remembering my AA sponsor, who died a year ago. I miss her still, always, and spend much of my life saying WWCD (What would Carolyn do?). She would be graceful, dignified, serene, calm, peaceful. She would go with the flow. And I will be forever grateful for her good example.


Kathy said...

I play that too. My phone usually makes a noise when it is my turn, or someone wants to challenge me to a game. Might have to do with your phone's notification settings.


denise said...

Keep meaning to look into the WWF app, but haven't done it yet, so I can't offer any assistance in this regard...sorry...although, I have to say that Kathy's idea about notifications sounds good - maybe something under settings and then that specific app?

In any case, good luck with it.

Drove through a small corner of WV today and thought of you - in our short jaunt through WV, we saw lots of well manicured lawns and a few large garden plots with neat rows of "crops" growing.