Friday, June 1, 2012

Comments on the comments

Nice comments yesterday, thanks so much! I love feedback, all of us blogger-types do, and I really appreciate it when you take the time to share a thought or two with me.

Gas prices in West Virginia run about 30 cents more than in Virginia. I live just 14 miles from the Virginia state line and do most of my "big" shopping trips in Bluefield, VA, which is about an hour's drive. Just makes sense to fill up on the way home. I wouldn't drive too far out of my way to save 2 cents a gallon – that only saves about a quarter a tank. But if it's convenient to save $4 a tank, well, I'm on it, doggone it!

For Denise: Here's the definitive difference between further and farther, with a handy tip on how to remember which one to use when. (It's "farther.") Also, what corner of WV do you drive through? If it's southern-ish, we should meet up sometime.

Words With Friends is sending notifications to my phone, and I didn't change a thing. I don't know why I never knew about previous challenges. I'm not sure I really like the game. Scrabble is more familiar to me, so naturally I like it better. In this case, familiarity doesn't breed contempt. I'm sure I'll get used to WWF, as well, and I'll have one more technology timesuck to add to the others.

I posted another "something beautiful" on Facebook yesterday afternoon. One of the guys who works at the garden center came up with these really creative little succulent dish gardens, and one of them came home with me. I love it! I'm going to try to keep it alive all year; not sure how that will work indoors, but I'll give it a shot.

Today's photo prompt is "morning," and since that's what it is right now, I guess I'd better go find something to shoot. Later, gator! And thanks again for commenting. Hint, hint. Heh.

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denise said...

Thanks for the grammar link. Funny that you should send me to Grammar Girl. One of my other Facebook friends posted an item yesterday about Grammar Girl making the front page of USA Today.

The piece of WV we went through was in the north section. We went up 81 and got on 522/70W at Winchester, VA. Most notable in the area of WV we saw was Berkley Springs.