Friday, June 15, 2012

I took ANOTHER walk!

Wow, when you don't have to work and you don't have a mile-long list of Things To Do, there are a lot more hours in the day for things like, um, exercise. Heh.

My gym membership runs out next week, but I haven't been there regularly since I started working in April. I tried, but I had a lot of trouble justifying the 25-mile round-trip on days I didn't have to drive anywhere. I think I'll do another six-month membership beginning in October and in the meantime just keep walking.

My brother went with me for a two-miler yesterday. He is a non-exerciser who works at a desk job and I was very proud of him for making the effort, and then amazed that he actually went the distance. He's already informed me he's very sore this morning. As anyone would be, I keep reminding him.

And although I said yesterday (in my photo post) how nice it is not to have to do or be or accomplish anything, we've accomplished a LOT with his help. My husband and I are, um, limited in our handyman skills, but my brother? Not so much.

He reminds me so much of my dad, who loved to putter and could always figure out a way to zig when he should have zagged.

I now have a new dryer vent installed and the screen has been replaced in the door that needed it. These are things I might have gotten around to, eventually, but with an extra pair of skillful hands they're done. Yay!

Ice cream social to honor our Delegate is tomorrow and then, I think, I'll be able to sort of relax. We're going to Ohio Monday (up and back all in one day, that'll be a killer), my brother leaves Wednesday and then I can truly take it easy. I have one weekend trip planned in July. I already predict I'll be wishing I'd planted more of a garden when July rolls around but, as the young folk say, it is what it is.

I'll have PLENTY of tomatoes.

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