Friday, June 22, 2012

I tried …

to get a little video to post of the lovely rain we're having.

Do either of you know how FREAKING hard it is to film falling rain? It's FREAKING HARD!

But it's lovely rain, and we certainly need it. I wish my brother had had time to fix the gutters before he went back to Florida. Or maybe I just need to put a couple more buckets out on the patio. That's the lazy woman's way of fixing gutter leaks.

Yesterday I mowed and mowed and mowed, after I watered the garden. We've had rain in the forecast for several days, but the tomatos in the garden were looking a little droopy. Wrestling with the hose (or washing the car) is as good as a rain dance, I swear.

It's easier to water the little Sweet 'n' Neat cherry tomatoes in the planter on the patio table. And I do believe we'll be eating tomatoes in June this year. See?

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Winnie said...

Wow..I have plants and a few flowers, but no tomatoes up here yet. I can't wait. We are having the scourching heat up here each day..I am doing a dance here too for some rain soon....hope it is on its way.