Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A quickie

Hmmm, looks like no one is interested in winning four big chunks of 100% cotton yarn in really pretty colors. That's okay. I'm not offended.

Becca has contacted me and her kit will be leaving West Virginia today. Thanks again for playing, Becca!

In a continual quest to reduce my computer's girth (in case you haven't noticed, I've pretty much put my personal girth-reduction quest on hold. Eating is a little easier but the constant headache remains and I've not been very active. I will get back to regular walking. The question is when.), I ditched Google Chrome today and am going to learn to use Safari. I just upgraded the operating system to Mountain Lion and there are supposedly some cool new features which I will stumble upon one of these days.

I'm hoping that a browser is a browser is a browser. Chrome is a pretty large application, but I still have a long way to go to recover more hard drive space. I've gotten rid of all the duplicate photos, now it's time to edit what's left. Then it will be on to the music.

I went through a period around Christmas time where I was downloading a free .mp3 from amazon.com every day. And, of course, I never listened to them. They were free! Why not snag them and listen later? Well, here's why: I'm at an age where new music just doesn't move me as much as old favorites do. The recent exceptions have been Adele, Mumford and Sons, the Avett Brothers and Amy Winehouse (gone far too soon).

So that's the quickie today, which turned out to be not-so-quick. We're having company later this week, and my acre of flooring needs attention. The cleaning of which will also be not-so-quick.


Vickie said...

chrome's automatic spell check is pretty wonderful . . .safari is not a great replacement, but I totally understand about cleaning out space in the hard drive.

denise said...

I've been using Safari for almost a year, and for the most part it's fine. However, there are certain sites I go to that will not fully work with Safari - over time, some have been updated to work. I'm not on Mountain Lion yet - not sure what, if any, advantage it would offer me and haven't had time to check it out yet.

Consequently, I have Chrome loaded and use it about once a month, if even that.