Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fuh-REAKY weather

Am feeling even worse this morning for you who are drought-stricken and tomato-less. The rain gauge had three-quarters of an inch in it, after a freaky storm that lasted less than half an hour.

The sky got bluer and then greyer and then darker the closer I got to home when I left work yesterday around 2 p.m. By the time I unloaded the car and ran into the house, the rain had started and the wind was whipping up. Within five minutes we were seeing hailstones (tiny, but still ...)! I kept waiting for another pine tree or two to fall.

I also kept waiting for the electricity to go out. It blinked a few times, but came right back on. However approximately 9% of my county's residents are currently in the dark. Or they would be if it were nighttime.

More rain predicted for today. I wish I could send some to you, if you need it.

My husband and I watched most of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last night. Since my normal hit-the-sack time is about 8:30, staying up until 10 p.m. was a stretch. (I'm a lark, he's an owl, it's how we get along. Heh.) He's not nearly as interested in the games as I am, but tolerated the spectacle just for me. And switched over to CNN as soon as I turned in.

So I missed Sir Paul and the torch lighting, but I certainly applaud the London committee for choosing young athletes to represent the games. And I've watched it on YouTube. Quite spectacular! Honestly, though, I would have loved whoever they picked because I love the Summer Olympics. My great hope is that the track and field events will inspire me to start moving my butt again.

Today I'll be moving it in a car, mostly. I have to go to a three-hour luncheon and it takes three hours to get there. And, naturally, three hours to get home. There are very few places in West Virginia that are easy to get to. Except for the length of the trip, this one actually is interstate all the way. But still. Six hours of driving for lunch?

I'm one dedicated Democrat, that's all I'm sayin'.

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