Friday, July 20, 2012

Mission accomplished!

I may not have read every single word, but I scrolled and swiped through all 243 unread blog posts in two marathon sessions yesterday, using the Google Reader app on my phone. Yay, me! Didn't mark any as 'read' without at least skimming them, either.

I'm astonished at how very easy it is to read anything on such a small screen, but there you go. It really isn't hard at all. Which makes me wonder why I still read e-mail on the computer. I have the phone set up to download my e-mails throughout the day, but I usually wait to deal with them until I'm at the laptop. Probably because it's easier to type replies on a keyboard.

(Even typing on a keyboard is difficult right now, however, because I just accidentally touched the heating element of the coffeemaker with the tips of three of my left-hand fingers. OUCH! I'm icing them while typing with my right hand. awkward!)

One of the Android features I like a lot is Swype, an input method that lets you 'type' on a touchscreen by drawing a continuous line between the letters of a word. Lifting your finger between words creates a space. You don't have to be super accurate; Swype is intuitive and gets the words right most of the time. It's always a good idea to proof before you publish, however.

I didn't like it at first, because I didn't understand how it worked. But I'm teachable (thank goodness) and eventually, with enough practice, I've gotten so accustomed to using it that I keep trying to Swype when I'm on the Nook. (It might actually work on the Nook; I haven't checked to see if it will.)

That said (or typed, whatever), I still prefer replying to e-mails from a keyboard rather than a touchscreen. So there.

Reading a couple hundred blog posts in one afternoon was a good way to rest my weary head(ache) for a while. The one blog I read every word of (because she has such a good way with words and because her posts are short and mostly photos) was Better After. I wish I'd known about her when I was in my makeover frenzy a couple years ago. I transformed an ugly gold curio cabinet into a handsome wine-red accent piece, and an icky green secretary into a lovely piece of ivory-painted furniture that I use every day. (I also painted the green base of an oil lamp black, which was quite a dramatic before-and-after.)

I keep hoping the makeover mood will strike again, but I think maybe I'm over it. But I can live vicariously through Better After, and now, so can you!

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