Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shelter from the storm

I wish.

The storm that hit northwest Ohio Friday afternoon arrived in southern West Virginia that evening. We had already lost power at around dinnertime due to power surge; the 70 mph winds sealed the deal. The electric company is estimating we will be restored on Friday, July 6.

Out here in the Middle of Nowhere, no power means no water, and that's the big challenge, soon to be followed by no food, and no gas in the car (and no place to get it).

My MIL, who is 91, is safe with friends nearby who weren't hit by the storm. My husband and I will begin cleaning up the yard today. We watched four huge pine trees fall onto our lawn. You've heard people talk about trees snapping like matchsticks? Tru dat.

I'm grateful for our former delegate, who has been posting frequent updates on Facebook. And for a smartphone and a car charger.

We could use your prayers, if you're so inclined. And some cooler temperatures. 98 degrees with no air conditioning is no fun.

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denise said...

Thoughts and prayers headed your way. Hope the power company was being "cautiously pessimistic" and will have your power back on much sooner than they say!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Not only am I praying for your safety, but I am also sending out "Hurry Up" vibes to the repair crews!

Debbi said...

Thanks so much. I just saw where parts of Columbus Ohio won't have power until next Saturday. It could have been worse. A bonus: the refrigerator is spotless!

Anonymous said...

Hope things get better for you soon.

Winnie said...

I was wondering how you were fairing. My brother and his family are in OH and thankfully ok. But the heat is so oppressive and my nephew is getting chemo and it is not helping. I am so glad you, hubby and MIL are ok. I pray you get your power up and running soon and it cools off. The heat broke today here in NYC, but it is coming back again tomorrow.. It is one weird year for weather. Take good care.