Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Deer, deer, deer

Here's a link to the deer repellent a friend swears by. If it works for me, I'm buying stock in the company. Heh.

I didn't even go out to the garden yesterday. It's good to know I'm not alone in being the victim of deer damage. There was a little bit last year (okra, sob!), but nothing like this. I feel like pulling up all the stakes, taking down the fence and putting the whole space to bed way early.

It's kind of sad when the bright spot of your day was getting a new satellite dish installed. I'm not even a TV-watcher, but with no garden chores and a lifetime supply of yarn I can see myself tucking in to movies and DIY programs and sports, oh my. (Live sports is my reality TV.)

Actually the bright spot came last night. Tuesdays are my volunteer-at-the-prison nights and while I rarely feel like going there – too tired, too busy, too whatever – I'm always glad I went. Last night was no exception. The discussion was all about gratitude.

always leave a gratitude meeting with a full heart.

Keep those comments coming! I might have a little bit more of the purple/white Cottrica. Would it be better to have two batches to give away, or should I make it one big pile? You make the call.

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Winnie said...

I don't have deer in my garden, but the RABBITS destroy a lot of my flowers and a lot of the yummy treats. I have tried sprays, but with little luck. Do you have any idea about them? I am new to this and was wondering if you have had to deal with them. They are darling, and at first I thought "how cute" they roll around on the lawn with full bellies, but they completely ate my parsley for instance to the ground.

Sounds like such a rewarding volunteer experience. I can image how much you give, and how much you must get back from it.