Saturday, August 11, 2012

Following up on yesterday's coal rant

Vickie, the health issues caused by coal, to which you alluded, anger me the most, especially when it comes to my neighbors. The wife is a two-time cancer survivor. She may still be in treatment, I'm not sure. The list of diseases and conditions affecting coal miners is long and largely preventable.

(Also, are you still blogging? I couldn't find a link to your blog, so I didn't link your name.)

West Virginia's Democratic governor and former-governor-now-Senator are BIG coal supporters, which really means they are big coal OPERATOR/OWNER supporters. The hell with the miners (although they will certainly shed a tear on camera when disaster strikes). Oh, and let's celebrate when an EPA ruling is reversed.

They've already announced they won't be attending the national Democratic convention next month in Charlotte. God forbid it should look like they're supporting their President.

West Virginia's registered Democrats outnumber Republicans two to one, but you wouldn't know it from the most recent primary election, nor from the previous three presidential contests. We are a red state, and our Democrat leaders are DINOs. I want to shake them and let them know they're in charge of our FUTURE, not our past. Our natural resources, our environment, our health and well-being – all depend on their votes and their decisions.

They are not governing for the PEOPLE. They're governing for the CORPORATION, which is what Citizens United encourages them to do.

I saw a version of an American flag on Facebook yesterday. The stripes were there. The stars had been replaced by corporate logos. That's where we're headed this election cycle. Perhaps the only way to reverse the trend is for President Obama to be re-elected. Maybe then they'll decide all that money didn't get them what they wanted, and they'll go back to their vaults.

Moving on.

Yesterday I walked FOUR MILES! It took for-freaking-ever, but hey. Four miles is four miles. And after that, since I was already hot and sweaty, I moved a couple huge hostas to make room for a tree, which I then planted. Four miles, two hostas, one tree – not a bad day, all in all.


Vickie said...

Went private last april after many years of blogging. I will send you an email invitation. I am not at all private in blog land, okay to reference me. My blog was just so large (3000 posts) on so many topics that it was becoming inevitable that someone from real life was going to find me. My motivation was when I realized my blog was the first thing to pop up under goggle for the quilt name my mother just made, and sent pictures to her friends. Taking down post would still have left link under the quilts name. Very happy to be private, I feel okay posting pictures of my kids etc. I am not sure my writing changed, but my comfort level did.

Winnie said...

Great on your walking! I was just speaking to my hubby today telling him I need to get some exercise (I am a receptionist who sits all day, then has a two hr train ride each way....that 13 hrs on my butt is not good.. You are inspiring.