Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gotta go to work

I seriously don't know what's been happening to my mornings lately. I used to get up, check my e-mail, open Blogger and write a few paragraphs. I've only missed a few days (thank you, derecho) since I started doing NaBloPoMo. Sometimes my posts are simply placeholders, to keep the streak going. Sometimes I have REAL STUFF to say.

Thanks Jen and Vickie for your supportive comments yesterday. The women at the prison meeting last night were just as nice as they could be, and I ended up talking (not about dentures!) more than I usually do, without feeling embarrassed or awkward.

Eating is another matter entirely, and I have to go to a convention tomorrow through Sunday, which will definitely be awkward. But I bet I learn, as I have from you and as I did last night, that there are more denture-wearers out there than I know about right now.

And I bet it'll all turn out just fine.

Okay, off to work and a little shopping. I don't leave tomorrow until mid-afternoon. Not sure if I'll be updating through the weekend or not. Do I really want my roommate to know about my blog?

Do those of you who blog share your URL with face-to-face friends? A few of my local friends know about my secret writing life, but they don't read blogs regularly. Most everyone who stops by here is from far, far away. How about you?


Vickie said...

Idea - take some large napkins or handkerchiefs with you and put your fork in one hand and the cover in the other, so you can raise it to your mouth very quickly if need be, and then (I would think) you will not be scared.

I went private (4/12) so I would not be outed (and my kids would not be outed) in my area.

I do not feel at all private in blog land (I add people all the time).

But I feel very protected in real life.

I write very frankly about a lot of topics including my extended family.

My kids all have access to my blog and I have no secrets, but I just wanted to maintain my boundaries with extended. And I feel good about that.

Winnie said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. Enjoy the conference! I share my blog with family and friends, but my blog is a craft blog and some recipes, and weird happenings so nothing I write about is very personal or could be deemed "controversal", anything too personal. I did once about losing my husband and and that was as deep as I am willing to go. It did help some people, so that made me happy to read. I don't care who reads it. I love to share my cards with fellow crafters and they share with me. It is all good. What I love about your blog is that you are a no nonsense kind of person, shoot from the hip and are so very real. Safe travels to you.

denise said...

I don't have a URL, thus, I also don't have any advice to share. I've thought about starting a blog off and on, but haven't wanted to add anything more to my "have to do" list and I'm sure I would be compulsive about it if I started it - or I would do one post and then drop the whole thing altogether. I seem to move between those two extremes...

Glad that your dentures were already better after a short time. Fingers crossed that the break-in time is short and relatively uneventful.

Enjoy your conference this week!

Diandra said...

My German blog is the place where my family goes to see whether I have died or not. Of course this kind of incluences what I write there. I don't know whether any of my friends check out my other blogs - I don't hide them from anyone, and I try to pretend I don't care.

gingerzingi said...

I go to a lot of trouble to be anonymous. My husband knows I blog, but he doesn't read it.

I tried blogging under my real name for a while, but found it much too limiting. I couldn't curse, couldn't complain about people I don't like, or my job, couldn't reveal embarrassing anecdotes about myself. And apparently those are the features of blogging that are very important to me!

So I like having a place to vent, where the casual reader has no idea who I am, or the people I write about.