Friday, August 31, 2012

Live blogging from the Middle of Nowhere

This is what live blogging looks like around here, courtesy of my husband. He kicked himself all day yesterday because his first assessment of the Ryan speech included the words "lying" and "liar." He tossed that one out and replaced it with something more, um, benign. When everyone from the Washington Post to called Ryan a liar, all my husband could do was say that he'd said it first.

But there was no proof. Heh.

Winnie, did you tell your husband he and I had similar true-blue temperaments? Denise, your insight is so valuable and further proof that we need to work as hard as we can to kick the Tea Party out of Congress. And Alison. You bet I'm going to preach it, sister. And you're going to help me see the good side, because you always see the good side. What a gift.

One of my character flaws is the propensity to demonize without looking deeper. Contempt prior to investigation, if you will. Not in all areas of my life, thank goodness. I dove right into AA and all it had to offer, headfirst and unquestioningly, with the attitude that millions had gone before me and turned out pretty good, so maybe I had a chance.

But I can't find the good in the GOP these days. What I hear is how much they want to help their rich friends. What they propose are policies which have already been tried, and which have failed. What they say is that their political agenda has nothing to do with helping We The People and everything to do with regaining Power.

They need some compassion, understanding, empathy. They don't need power. Last night's big wrap-up in Tampa put a patina of humanity on the major players, but when I scratch the surface I still see that they're out of touch with me and my life.

And probably with you and yours, as well.

Like I said a couple days ago: I can't wait until next week.

P.S. I LOVE that this is the 1234th post. Heh.


AlisonH said...

I liked when Grant said Romney as "pastor," ie Mormon bishop, had helped people who, among other things, had lost their heat. People needing the most basic things in a cold-winter Boston life. So there's some hope.

But why would we want a president who, everything he does people will be asking if he really means it, if he's being honest about it. His cynical campaign would make a cynical presidency. At least he had some down-to-earth experiences because of his church service--I think that would be the only thing that could save him.

We need a more conciliatory Congress to work with President Obama the next four years. People whose views and vision haven't been Botoxed like Boehner's forehead into immobility.

Winnie said...

Yes, Debbi, my hubby is thrilled to have a kindred political spirit in WV. Tonight I will be going to his play in the city, and afterwards the cast goes to dinner...They are all true blue in that group. I fall somewhere in the middle and sometimes hubby and I have to agree to disagree..It is funny to watch him with my parents who are very "red". He is only in the family 1.5 years,so he treads lightly with them, but tells me this thoughts at home..